Buddha’s eight fold-path in a very brief introductory kind of way

Each of the 8 elements of Buddha’s 8 fold path is best left un-numbered, as the order of practice is not what is important.

Each element fosters the development of all others and all others fortify each one.

Each of the 8 should be throughly practiced, explored & known.

The 8 elements can be grouped under three key areas of practice: Wisdom, Morality & Concentration.

To build wisdom, one needs to develop right views and right intentions

To build morality, one needs to practice right speech, right action and right livelihood

To build concentration, one needs to put right effort into focused (right) concentration & right mindfulness

These key areas of practice and the 8 elements are developed hands-on, moment by moment by the practitioner.

Like forming clay into bricks, the practitioner should mould their practice with loving-kindness as the core underpinning ingredient.

Your journey on this path will continue for the remainer of this life and your experience of it depends on what is being carried with you from eternity thus far….your karmic legacy of deeds good and bad and your predispositions towards putting good effort into the practice.

The bounty is a happier life that also influences others around you to be happier. The ultimate reward may or may not be achieved in this life – this is freedom from ‘samsara’ – the endless cycle of birth, death and suffering.

In future blog posts, I will explore my thoughts & experiences of the 3 groupings and 8 elements of Buddha’s 8 fold-path.

May you be happy, may you be free from suffering.

Stephanie Mohan 17th Dec 2012

p.s. I should also have mentioned that the 8 fold path is the way to end the unsatisfactoriness (suffering) described by Buddha in the 4 noble truths. More another time….

“No one saves us but ourselves, No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path, but Buddhas clearly show the way.”
Dhammapada 165



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  1. Thank you for the good wisdom and information. We need belief and a clean heart and mind to know happiness. Thank you for the amazing blog.

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