The magic in the menial

On hands and knees I knelt
Old toothbrush dipped in
baking powder made into

I began to scrub
the grout lines
ceramic floor tiles
in the kitchen

Shifting my body weight
my focus dwelt on
clearing the grime,
an example of a
menial chore
avoided by
most home dwellers
in these days
of outsourced

Yet, it is often in
these most mundane
of efforts,
that magic resides

Thoughts that
normally flow like
now go into a slower
rhythm attuned to
the cleaning task

This meditative
state borne of
a simple routine
enables mind
to become mindful
to become focused
and inner calm
to open like the lotus
on water

It is in this
spaciousness borne of
right effort
that our deeper
connections to life
and love can
often be
most felt.

Stephanie Mohan
January 17th 2013



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2 replies

  1. My wife doesn’t understand why I enjoying washing the dishes 🙂 it’s a little meditation time.

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