Perfectly simple home-made #yoghurt #recipe

I make a container of fresh, pot-set yoghurt each and every day. I call it my yoghurt factory – each morning before breakfast, I pour a yoghurt container of fresh milk into the saucepan, bring it to the boil and then simmer it for 3 minutes beofre cooling it for 20 minutes.

I then pour the warm milk back into the yoghurt container which is actually a stainless steel milkshake container….into which I have already added 2 generous tablespoons of Indian shop purchased natural set yoghurt (no sugar or other additives), give it a good stir with a long handled teaspoon and then put the container into my yogurt “maker”, which is basically a simple holder for the milkshake container that stays on at a steady warm temperature.

A few hours later, hey presto, I have lovely home-made yoghurt to put in the fridge.

We have a generous serve of yoghurt after our spicy home-cooked vegetarian lunch and another small bowl after evening fruit and nuts. So, the container full of yoghurt is used up each day… and my yoghurt factory continues the next morning.

Simple pleasures 🙂





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