Don’t slacken off – Ajahn Chah quote for #meditation and #reflection #buddhism

“It’s like a child who is learning to write. At first he doesn’t write nicely — big, long loops and squiggles — he writes like a child. After a while the writing improves through practice. Practicing the Dhamma is like this. At first you are awkward…sometimes calm, sometimes not, you don’t really know what’s what. Some people get discouraged. Don’t slacken off! You must persevere with the practice. Live with effort, just like the schoolboy: as he gets older he writes better and better. From writing badly he grows to write beautifully, all because of the practice from childhood.” – Ven. Ajahn Chah

For meditation and reflection:
Have you found yourself slackening off with your Buddhist practice?
What do you do to avoid this slackening off?
How has perseverance paid off for you?


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  1. In a sense I practise my Buddhism aa the is important to me.I take things quietly and carefully.I find this is the best way to keep my practice going well.Namaste .Nicola.

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