The non-existence of the solid “I” – Ven Thubten Chodron quote for #meditation and #reflection

“Another way to see the non-existence of the solid ‘I’ that feels hurt is to ask ourselves, ‘How do I know I’m hurt?’ When we investigate, we see that we know this only because the feeling of hurt exists. Dependent on that feeling, we generate the thought, ‘I’m hurt.’ In other words, because either our body or our mind feels hurt, we think, ‘I am hurt.’ Without taking our body and mind into consideration, we would not generate the thought ‘I’. Thus, the ‘I’ arises dependently. It exists only in relationship to, in dependence upon body and mind. It does not stand on its own. Therefore, it does not exist from its own side, independently. It is empty of being solid or of existing under its own power. Thinking in this way, we arrive at an open state focused on the lack of a concrete ‘I’ who needs to be defended and whose happiness is most important.”
– Ven. Thubten Chodron, Working With Anger

For reflection:

What are the implications for how you “exist”, when you begin to understand the lack of a concrete “I”?


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  1. Life becomes more peaceful,both for myself and others.Occasions for anger arise much less frequently.

  2. Another way. Ways are different, according to the level of understanding, and level of perfections tool Yet you are so compassionate to share when you come across a way, having the sincere feelings to serve the sentient beings, as much as possible.
    Well, I found it easy to concentrate on the change that occur every now and then. The change of my own personalities, form, outlook, way of thinking and while introspecting, seeing the uncontrollable events, the natural process, where this I myth have no control, but support the form, according to the aggregates or even due to the natural process.
    Seeing and understanding so many I s here, I realized, that I is only a myth.

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