Integrity – reflection plus questions for #meditation and #reflection

Integrity means total honesty
and virtuous conduct,
including to yourself

Stephanie Mohan – November 2014

For meditation and reflection

how honest are you to others…and yourself?
how virtuous are you with others…and yourself?
what would acting with integrity mean practically to you?

photo – Singapore orchids – by Stephanie Mohan 2010


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4 replies

  1. My heart cries,
    when integrity is lost,
    or even hidden,
    allowing fake to appear.

    Dear friend S,
    promote the idea,
    you and me,
    and those honest ones,
    will be hindered by negative fake.

  2. I try my best to be honest with others and myself.I know my failings and work on them.Sometimes true honesty to others can be hurtful.But,if It is a matter of importance I will let them know.If the matter is not important I will be compassionate and be silent.I like to exercise compassion as far as possible though!

    • Indeed – Buddha’s teachings on Right Speech point out that ‘when’ ‘where’ ‘how’ ‘who’ ‘why’ etc are all important considerations – being honest does not mean blurting out what you think is the truth to others, when you know it would harm/hurt them.

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