Time is on their side – #whimsy #micropoetry #buddhism

Whilst all else around it has turned to sand,
this rock remains steadfast,
daring the waves to just try,
just try to knock it down…
and the waves giggle playfully,
for they know that time
is on their side

Stephanie Mohan – November 2014

photo by Stephanie Mohan


Categories: Whimsy

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9 replies

  1. Thank you ,Steph.I feel that I am that rock now and Buddhism has helped imessurably.Nothing lasts forever of course,change is all around us but Buddhism has helped me see my path.Beautiful photo,beautiful words_/\_

  2. Time is on their side, but still can remain steadfast.

    Deep meaning Stephanie. Thank you.

  3. I loved the visual of the waves giggling. 🙂 Made me smile.

  4. Shades of Ozymandias methinks. A brilliantly succinct work.

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