Nature takes its course -#buddhism #haiku plus commentary for #meditation and #reflection

parents hover near
bird chick tries to fly too young
nature takes its course

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan – November 2014

Commentary for meditation and reflection

Nature can seem cruel, especially when the young are in vulnerable situations.

For example, I saw a tiny noisy miner chick today, on the ground in my garden. It was just on the verge of learning to fly and had obviously left its nest just a little too soon.

The parents hovered by, swooping to check on it and feed it at regular intervals. I wondered if it would survive long enough to get its wing strength and get back into the safety of a tree.

I was uncertain about whether to intervene and my inner voice told me to let nature take its course, so I left the chick and its parents alone.

Meanwhile, last week my sister rescued a galah chick that was being attacked by crows. It had lost its tail feathers and could not escape. Again, the parents were hovering nearby. The chick would have died, so my sister saved it and is currently rearing it while it grows its feathers back.

Non-harm and compassion are key tenets of Buddha’s teachings. How we act in life when faced with such situations comes down to a case by case basis – if, when and how we intervene to help others can be an extremely difficult choice.

Question for reflection: What factors contribute to your own decisions re acting to help or letting “nature take its course”?

note – photo is not of the miner bird chick in my commentary


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