The liberation of growing old – article link plus comment

Elders should be integrated and valued rather than segregated and ostracised. I am thinking of some of the documentaries i have seen on communities in places like Greece, where the elderly are joyfully included in community activities. Wonderful to see…and see the natural happy way they are included and valued right up until their death. It is tempting to separate yourself from the broad stream of society when you age… in a community of like people? I think we need to challenge ourselves to stay in the broader community and find ways to contribute more and better

The liberation of growing old – article link plus comment


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  1. I find it hard not to separate myself from the broad stream of society even now. It is hard to integrate when you don’t fit in at any age…

    • Realistically, I am much more like you than my utopian comments that go along with this post suggest. However, although my husband and I are not far removed from a hermit-like lifestyle, We like to live within a busy suburbia so we can see people walking by and notice families and community activities around us. We played with the idea of moving to a hobby acerage and then realised how isolating that would be for us. A really interesting area for contemplation as we age. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Steph _/\_

      • What a lovely realization. My husband and I live in “the village” of our small island metro. We dream of the days living on a hobby farm in the mountains. It is a goal of ours. It will definitely be isolating, I am not sure it will be the permanent status of our existence, but we are up for a try of it. I can’t stop dreaming of chickens, horses, dogs, and a goat hahhaha. Maybe add a boat and I am in bliss! Hopefully, both you and I find what we need and live the sustainable version of it 😉 XOX

      • Your hobby farm in the mountains does sound good. I spent my teenage years in such a place and had a wonderful life with our menagerie. Have you ever thought of applying for a house-sit on a rural property for a few weeks so you can get a real feel for how it would be for you both practically? We toured NZ for a year before retiring and spent the whole time in rural isolation although we were on the move…..we realised that although we enjoyed ourselves, such an isolated lifestyle was not for us as a long term way of life. Many do it and love it, while still physically able. Best wishes _/\_

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