Helping with the pruning

This morning while out
on my morning walk,
I saw a lady who would have had
to have been well into her 90s,
standing outside her front garden,
pruning branches
off some tall hedging shrubs.

Heeding a strong intuitive feeling
to help, I stopped my husband and
went across the road
to where she was pruning
with her back to me.

I gently reached out
to hold the branch
she was trying to prune.

She looked up at me and softly said
something in a language
I didn’t recognise.

I saw that she was attempting to cut a really
thick branch with her hand pruners.

I put my hand on top of hers and slowly
took the pruners to help make the cut,
then realising it was too thick for me,
I asked my husband to
cut through the branch as I held it.

We successfully pruned
and then carried the cut
branch to her gateway.

I then went back to her
and she spoke to me

She could see I had no idea
what she was saying,
so she lifted her hand and softly
stroked my cheek and clasped my chin and
smiled the sweetest smile.

I walked away with the gift
of her loving touch staying
with me all day.

Stephanie Mohan – January 31st 2015


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11 replies

  1. I love love love this!! It’s so sweet! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. You did what has to be done, and let that be in your heart, giving a soft smile, whenever, the thought creep in.

  3. Language without words,Steph,Beautiful and beautiful poem.Thank you._/\_ Nicola

  4. Those moments are so precious, truly jewels for our hearts.

  5. Once again the gift winds up in the givers heart. That is one of the greatest feelings we will ever have.

  6. These are the moments when we know what a gift life is.

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