The world is coming to an end

The world is coming to an end;
it has been, ever since it started

Stephanie Mohan- February 2015



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  1. ‘World is coming to an end.’
    when the senses are controlled and tamed.
    Thus the world of mine will vanish,
    giving me liberation, and destroying becoming.

    Thank you for giving the hidden meaning, dear.

  2. Of course.Stunning photo of a beautiful world.All is impermanent and all changes,all the time.This can be a useful idea to hang on to,when times are bad.Thanks,Nicola.

  3. This morning, as I was driving to work, I looked at the beautiful white full moon, and the thought came, all of this is an illusion, even though it appears so real.

  4. You’re so right,SkyWalker.That can be a hard one to come to terms with.but so true.With Metta,Nicola.

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