Small Salvation – haiku, experience & comments for meditation and reflection

Small fish on dry land,
madly gulps as it suffers –
the wet salvation

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan

Experience related to haiku

This afternoon,
while out paddling
along a
sandy beach,
I noticed a tiny blue fish
on its side at water’s edge,
slowly dying,
as a fish out of water
is wont to do.

I used my sandal
to gather the fish
along with a pile of wet sand
and took it back to deposit
it back in the seawater

It was almost washed back
ashore by the next wave,
too weak it was to swim.

Then, it recovered
and I could see it
swimming quickly away,
back into the deep.

I had saved it from
its immediate demise;
for what I do not know

For meditation and reflection

When we carry out good deeds
for the benefit of others,
we generally do not know
the implications of our actions,
beyond the immediate benefit
of assistance given.

From a small fish that gets to
swim for another day,
to a child saved from drowning
that grows up to lead millions of people,
who knows what each small act of kindness
might prompt for future events and outcomes.

The implications may be good, bad
or indifferent.

What we do know is that we have
made change happen and our
intentions were good.

Reflect on something kind
you have done recently
and the possible implications,
both short and long term.

With metta, Stephanie


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3 replies

  1. What a beautiful and wholesome deed you have done Stephanie!
    Forget the size,
    big or small,
    you saved a life.

    When the intention is good,
    effect will be very good.
    you won, a hurdle,
    few more, to win.

  2. Stephanie, This post goes to the heart of healing in many traditions. We do what we can, sensing, in the moment, the goodness of the being, and wishing it well.

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