Stroke Prevention: Guidelines for Nurses and Others

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Prevention of Stroke   Stroke  Acute Care and RehabilitationI’ve been working on a more organized posting plan; Big Red Carpet Nursing is maturing! As am I, so late in life. Both projects remain works in progress, busy guy that I am.

While I absorb blogger lessons, work for a living, keep my ten year-old out of trouble, take out the trash, and all the other random details of modern life, my tentative plan is to focus on nursing education and training posts, my own and others’. I’m a teacher and coach at heart and in practice, so it seems a natural fit. I’m also an avid learner and explorer, which is how I found today’s nursing content:

Prevention of Stroke | Stroke: Acute Care and Rehabilitation

It’s useful to anyone interested in this topic, not just nurses. I hope you find it useful!

Your assignment, good readers – I have faith in you! – is to learn a few…

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  1. Thanks for helping to spread this important information! – Greg

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