I wish I was an identity 

I find it amusing when I hear somebody described as an “identity” on the radio or TV and have often wondered what it would be like to be considered one of those……

I wish I was an identity,

someone so widely known,

I would have people come look at me,

as if I were sat on a throne

What do I do

to become one of those,

I wondered aloud

as I wafted my muddy garden hose

I wish I was an identity,

so that others would look and point,

I could walk regally up the grassy verge,

as I pondered who else to anoint

But alas, no-one cares who I be,

except for this curious crow,

so it’s best I accept I’m a nobody

and get on with the need to mow

For meditation and reflection:

What attracts people to fame and notoriety?

Why do many of us cling to the desire for others to notice us?

Is it possible to be a nobody?

Stephanie Mohan – March 2015



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3 replies

  1. I think our desires come from wanting to be so good at something that we have to be noticed which in turn will make that person happy. Once you have that noteriety though, I don’t think it’s what people truly want it. Happiness comes from within and it only matters what you think of yourself…

    • I had a note from a friend whose husband is a local identity 🙂 – she notes that sometimes being an identity is thrust upon you – you are just “doing good” and you become an identity because of others promotion of your endeavours. She makes a good point. And as you say, the happiness comes from within, not from external attributes. Thanks _/\_

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