The seeds of suffering

lie within our own

weakness for

succumbing to

sweet desire

Words by Stephanie Mohan – May 2015

photo by MALYBA 2015



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  1. While there are many parallels between Buddhist ideas and Native American concepts (allowing for huge tribal differences), one difference is that I was encouraged (am still) to savor all life offers, to try everything and by doing so, get to know the Great Spirit underlying life. Desire, is thus, a road to the Creator and the true Self. Even the disasters are thought to be teachers, although they do not carry the moral certainty of other traditions.

    • Namaste. Thanks Michael, Interestingly, in the Four Noble Truths teachings, the Buddha taught that it is not desire itself that is the cause of suffering but our attachment to it. Therefore the “cure” is to let go of the attachment. Renunciation is that letting go of the clinging to your cravings, not as often thought, trying to not have desires or cracings at all. Yes, there are many parallels in the ancient teachings of the wise ones.

  2. Yes, those are the seeds of my suffering. I want it to stop…now!

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