Christopher Titmuss: What is the Meaning of Life?

Do we really need to find meaning? Recommended reading for meditation and reflection from the Excellence Reporter interview with Christopher Titmuss.

Excellence Reporter

CT in Sarnath._edited-1What is the Meaning of Life? The impossible question. The question easily invites us to posit the extremes of human goodness upon the appearance of life Owing to our vulnerable consciousness, we ascertain a meaning or a series of meanings to try to make sense of a fluctuating and insecure dynamic of incalculable presentations. Nothing presented to consciousness, through the senses, has any essence, yet we search for meaning or declare a meaning. We vacillate or change our minds to what we grant meaning and to what we don’t. We stop imposing a meaning on particulars and generalities owing to loss of interest or we hold onto to a meaning, as if life depended upon it.

We like to give meaning to life, via the idea of the good. Why should we impose the good when every act of so-called goodness gives way to non-goodness, to harm, to unhealthy circumstances…

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