Eating – our continual pastime

Haiku plus photo plus commentary for reflection

Look around yourself,
left-overs and empty wraps –
eating for all time.

I have been reflecting recently on just how much of each day I spend on food related activity, with a view to identifying habits that I would like to change.
Sharing, for reflection
Reflect on how much time and energy in your life is spent on food related activity, including thinking about, planning for, getting food or going out for it; preparing, cooking, eating, cleaning up, managing foodstuffs; maintaining food preparation areas and so on.

Reflect on where, when, what, how and why you eat.
How much of that food related activity is basic for survival and how much is associated with other habits and attachments eg healthy and unhealthy eating patterns, eating for social reasons, eating for celebration, eating to feel better etc etc.

What would you like to do more of, less of, the same?
Select one to three habits you would like to change, relating to your eating practices.
Pick one to change this week. Decide what you are going to do differently.
Begin it now. 
Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan- June 2015



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6 replies

  1. Stephanie, you have given me much, dare I say, food for thought. I wrote a poem about this recently, my relationship with food and other stuffs. Food is so much more than survival, both in happy ways and not.

  2. I cooked today for the entire week. If left to my own devices, I would eat nothing but nuts, cheese, fruits and veggies. I think of food constantly. I use food, for comfort or pause. Something I’m working on right now.. Always. I used to have a sign that said the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house. Still feel that way. It would make a lovely library. I like leftovers. They are my next meal. Prickly subject. 🙂

    • Leftovers often taste even better than the original meal….so I can understand that preference :). It is really interesting to notice just how much and often food dominates our thoughts and actions….I guess that is one of the reasons that Buddhist monks only eat one meal before noon and that is whatever comes into their food bowl. No choices….no attachment….no obsessions 🙂

  3. Interesting because I’ve been finding myself cutting down on my food over the past week. Part of it has been due to me being with doing work I’m loving to launch my business and I think also getting a message and loosening me up. I’ve also been doing a 10 minute exercise nightly I enjoy. And, yes, I’m trying to lose weight. But, I’m really feeling a return to my usual one meal a day instead of the lunch I was eating just because I’m at a job. Also, I recently read another blog about how we don’t need to eat as much as we do. It is good to spend more time doing other things than being absorbed with food.

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