Thou shalt not swear 

My husband and I often set joint self-improvement challenges for both of us to aspire to.

This afternoon, while on a long drive, we were reflecting on how we have both developed a rather unwholesome habit of calling other drivers names, in rather unsavory terminology, whenever they drive in a way that we are not happy with. They cannot hear us, but that is not the point.

Not only that, we do the same name-calling when we are pedestrians and drivers do things like pass by too close to us or give us some other unnecessary fright.

We explored how our language was an output of feelings of irritation and discomfort; and how our swear words then reinforced our negativity – a spiral into unkind thoughts and words that creates a negative disposition in ourselves that could easily form into an aspect of our characters.

So, we have set ourselves a challenge to immediately stop the swearing and name-calling. Instead, if we have the urge to make comment. we will note how “that nice person must be having a tough day today” or similar. 

We are hopeful this practice of change of tone and wording will help us to be less negative and happier people….for, after all, the people we are harming most when we swear at people that cannot even hear us…are ourselves.



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  1. I sometimes remark that the driver who’s speeding dangerously past us could be suffering from explosive diarrhea, and just needs to reach the loo (and speedy-quick-like). It helps to lean toward compassion.

  2. Open heart to others compassion ,adding more flue may cost your life or someone life tolerance we are not perfect

  3. thanks for the correction yes

  4. Good for you and good luck! It is very hard to stay positive sometimes…

  5. I so much agree with you! !! It’s been a practice for me, too, for a few years. ..😊

  6. Certainly a positive alternative to the usual negative spiral of swearing/name-calling.

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