Buddha nature – #quote by Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

“It’s very important to remember that we all have Buddha nature. That cannot be emphasized enough. We, all of us, are in the depths of our beings, the combination of wisdom and compassion. That’s our true nature. Our tragedy is that we identify basically with all the wrong things. We identify with our conceptual mind, our gross mind, our race, our gender, our professions, the roles that we are playing, our memories, our childhood, things which happened. We identify with our hopes and our fears and our plans. We live in our conceptual thinking mind and we think, “This is who we are.” And the great insight, the great breakthrough of the Buddha was to recognize that everything that we normally identify with is exactly who we are not, and it’s also our tragedy—because, while it’s fine to play a role—we all have to play roles. But if we believe in that role, and think that’s who we are, then we are in trouble. An actor may be a brilliant actor onstage, but if he comes off the offstage and still thinks he’s Hamlet. And this is the problem—that we don’t recognize our true nature.”

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

For meditation & reflection:

Are you able to differentiate between your “role(s)” and your true nature?
Have you been able to “glimpse” /experience your true nature and how is that different from the playing of roles?


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