Reblogging…..for Luggage Lady _/\_

Barren woman, I am that,

Aging hag without her young,

when asked “do you have children”,

I pause before my “none”
Childless, that I am,

mothers look but cannot see

that I have been their mother too,

as they’ve been Mum to me;
Robeless monk, am I that,

denounced as lowly fem

not tempted to the temple,

I leave the rites to them
My faith lies deep in nature,

I’ve freed myself from sin

I’ve given away this self to

the unconditioned world within
So, let me smile at the babies

and marvel as they grow,

for while I did not bear them,

we share a common glow
Stephanie Mohan

September 13th 2013


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3 replies

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing this, Stephanie!! I love it all — particularly the last two lines… 💕

  2. I’m one of those types of moms too. Lovely poem.

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