Get out of your own way

Get out of your own way;
stop trying so hard to be –
you’ll find a deeper connection,
just like this wise old tree.

Stephanie Mohan – July 2015

photo _ thanks friend Helle



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  1. Trees are so wonderful. Is this a photo of a banyan tree? There is one standing in downtown Waikiki and its roots have traveled out for some distance. I hear those roots can cause great difficulty if there is underground plumbing anywhere nearby nearby! The banyan always seeks a deeper connection with water. 🙂
    A few years ago, I took a photo of a “yawning” tree in my backyard. It appeared to me that it had simply stopped worrying about the situation it was in, with a huge hole in it’s trunk (almost all the way through). Even though the tree looked quite dead, it still reached out and spoke to me as I passed by. Not as dead as I thought it was!!

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