Manufactured dreams #haiku + comment for reflection

sad reminiscing,

about the life that might’ve been –

manufactured dreams.

Comment for reflection

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking negative thoughts and feeling sad about missing out on a life you might have led if the dice had rolled differently for you?

Spending time dwelling on and feeling sad about things you have actually done or said is not a particularly wholesome thing to do, especially if you do it over and over or for too long-the important thing is to learn from experience and then let go of the past.

Ruminating about things you wish had happened but never actually eventuated in your life is potentially more harmful to yourself and others, as you spend time comparing and judging your real life with a manufactured “utopia”.

Acceptance of the past means that we also need to accept that it is what it is and there is no great benefit in manufacturing dreams of what might have been.

The skilful and wholesome thing to practice is to be right in this moment; making good effort, despite whatever has gone before, to be the best we can be, for ourselves and for those around us.

Haiku and comment for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – August 2015

photo – Thanks friend Mandy “MALYBA”



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