Freeing the hose — for #meditation and reflection

It was a hot, dry day in Sydney today. The plants in the garden needed watering, so I went out shortly after sunset and began watering with the hand-held hose.

As I walked around the garden with water hose in hand, the long hose-pipe would periodically find its way behind rocks, large plants or pots and stop me in my tracks.

I had the choice to yank away at the hose in an attempt to free it or walk back to where the catch was and free it, before walking back to where I was up to with the watering. I chose the latter, because I had learnt from experience that yanking the hose generally resulted in more problems – wrecking plants, breaking the hose, tipping pots over or just not getting anywhere and triggering anger in self.

Stephanie Mohan – Oct 4 2015

For meditation and reflection

How do you tend to respond to things in life that stop you in your tracks?
How effective have your responses been and what consequences have followed?
What alternatives do you have for how to respond to such hindrances in future?


pic – orchid flower in my garden


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6 replies

  1. Hi Stephanie, I find I still jerk on the hose way too often…..

  2. I take a step forward and be curious. I take a step back and consider.

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