What a failure

I bake bread at home, using an electric breadmaker.

Being a “health-nut”, I like to modify recipes to suit my predilection for healthy flours, seeds and so forth.

Due to my experimentation, some of my loaves are spectacular fails.

Today was one of those. I came into the kitchen about 3 1/4 hours into a 4 hour breadmaking cycle and smelt smoke. The breadmaker seemed to be operating normally so I thought the smoke must be coming into the house from ourside. After further investigation, I realised that it was coming from the breadmaker and promptly turned the machine off, meaning the loaf it was baking was not fully cooked.

Upon opening the lid, I found that, due to misjudgement in ingredient quantities, dough had spilled over and down the side of the baking tin and was burning on the element – this was the cause of the charcoal flavoured smoke now filling the house.

There was quite a mess to clean up and the whole house still smells, but I take such failures in my stride.

For, each time I fail, I learn what doesn’t work and what to do differently for the next loaf. Often, I get new ideas from my failures that I would never have thought of otherwise. I also get a good laugh – for, I find there is great mirth to be had in my accidents of experimentation.

For reflection:

Do you give yourself the freedom to experiment and fail?


p.s. the photo with this post is totally irrelevant to the topic but I like it, so there 😉



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  1. The smell of smoke… I’ve had that experience too but usually because I have wandered away from whatever I’m cooking! … and yes such failures can teach more than success! … and they make a funnier story!

  2. I love it. Sometimes images simply insist on inclusion, as do ingredients.

  3. I know what the smell of burnt kitchen things is like…

  4. Ah, yes. I remember those days well. I don’t eat bread anymore. Body doesn’t like it as much as I do. I’m not so adventurous as you. I called the fire department some 20 years ago when I smelled a noxious odor and saw a bit of smoke I couldn’t Identify. Turned out I had something on top of the toaster and set something in front of it the ended up pushing down the lever. What was on top was melting into it. Now I keep the toaster unplugged if it’s out for company. Failure is only a lesson and we are here to learn. 🙂

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