Following the Path

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The Path leads to nirvana, to awakening, to the end of all suffering, to escape from the round of rebirth. Before that, the path leads to many intermediary attainments on the way, not only stages of awakening but also progressively to greater virtue, to the purification of mind from defilements with the development of kindness and compassion, to renunciation and to harmlessness, manifesting actions that benefit the world, to an increasing sense of serenity and well-being, to the easing of personal suffering, to impartiality and clear seeing, to the cutting away of delusions, views and conceptualizations that give rise to mis-perceptions, particularly the mis-perception of a separate self.

We are not yet in a position in this book to speculate what nirvana, awakening or escape from the round of rebirth means. However, this overall trajectory of Buddhist practice, carried to completion must lead to what we can provisionally view as…

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