This grey steel sculpture – #photopoetry

This grey steel sculpture;
stark contrast with rolling hills –
lone bird blends the two.

Words and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – December 2015


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  1. I like it. The situation slightly reminds me of streams I’ve seen in the past where there has been a discarded can of beans or whatever and tiny fish swimming around it and getting on with their life. (I don’t mean that the statue should be considered pollution, by the way!)

  2. Such a contrast…and I do love the softness of the bird. Merry Christmas and a very creative New year. Janet:)

  3. Heh, even trees & birds desire some novelty, they are here after all. love that bird.

    • Gorgeous bird, isn’t it – I was fortunate to get the pic before it flew off – did notice that there were many birds using that post as a perch, reinforcing your comment about the desire for novelty….now, that (desire for novelty) is an interesting thing to reflect upon …:).

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