Close – #photopoetry + comment

You are the first
of thoughts
when I look out
into space;
time and circumstances
have parted us but
I always hold you
close in my heart.
Words and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan

Most, if not all of us have suffered separation from a loved one- whether through death or break up of a relationship or other. 

Even after accepting the loss, there is the tendency to hold on to the past, perhaps wishing for past good times to return even though we may know that they never could or will.

Sometimes, we can reach a place where we no longer attach to the past and can respond with equanimity to our life without that loved one being with us. That does not mean we never think of them – we still hold them close in our hearts – but, we are able to do so with love and appreciation, not the clinging rage of despair. 


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