Watch out for lightning – haiku + comment

window on the world;
standing near to see the view –
watch out for lightning.
Comment on photo and haiku poem

This afternoon and evening there were severe thunderstorms rolling through Sydney.  A lightning bolt hit our TV aerial and travelled through the house on its way to ground. The television, set top box and music system have “died” – fortunately that seems to be the only damage.

When the lightning struck, I happened to be standing in the guest bedroom which is just below the aerial, having only seconds before closed the window (aluminium). I had stood back a short way to watch the torrential rain and hail falling and then the flash of lightning, so close to the window, nearly jumped me out of my skin. My body and head still feel weird from being so close to such a powerful burst of energy.

I am relieved that I wasn’t still leaning on or touching the window when the bolt hit and my thoughts reach out to all those who have been less fortunate in such severe storms.

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan – January 2016


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    • Thanks Mel – it was rather unnerving to say the least. Just found our back gate latch had been welded shut by the lightning and the trunk of one of the trees on the nature strip is split badly so that must have been where it struck. Anyway, all is well. Thanks Steph x

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