About This

I started writing poetry when I was a young girl, although I never shared or kept my writings.
Finally, after retirement from a lengthy career as a change / project manager and Executive Coach, I began writing for enjoyment again.

What I share here arises from meditation, reflections, dreams, walking ….sometimes it just bubbles up and flows.  Sometimes I share what others have written – I read something inspiring and want to share my interpretation of it.

I don’t have any particular motivation for sharing – just the urge to share ….and a hope that if even one other person reads and gains some value or benefit from what has been written, then it has been shared in a good way.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you return many times! 🙂

You can write to me at grevilleacorner@gmail.com

Please note: All are welcome to share my writings as long as you use my name as the author (when I am the author and it isn’t a quote that I have used) and include my blog site name and address with it. Reproducing my writings without my name as the author is akin to taking things that don’t belong to you….and that is not good karma.



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